Wedding Planning Guide For Jodhpur

Jodhpur-The Perfect Wedding Destination For The Perfect You


Wedding in Jodhpur – Umaid bhavan palace Jodhpur – Baradari lawns

Wedding Planning Guide For Jhodpur

The Blue City will make you forget your blues and let you enjoy your wedding to the fullest.

If you have decided to choose Jodpur as the destination for your wedding planning, then you have made a wonderful choice.

Jodhpur with its rich heritage and cultural beauty is a surreal destination for weddings. It is an ethereally romantic destination to begin the new chapter  in your life. You need to have a wedding which will be cherished by everyone for the rest of their lives. And for achieving all that you wish for, Ravmek is your one stop!

We at Ravmek, strive to fulfil all your dreams and wishes of a ‘Perfect Wedding’. Your wedding planning comprise of all the hustle and bustle and you have no time for yourself or your family members. Pick us and you will be in safe hands. Our forte lies in staging Royal Weddings & Destination weddings. Whether you have your heart set on a regal wedding in Umaid Bhavan or an al fresco desert wedding complete with golden sand and cultural performances, you name it and we will have it for you.

Quaint Mihirgarh Fort is a lavish heritage property which is perfect for entertaining a smaller gathering of people to celebrate the happy couple’s union. It was the abode of the rulers of the yesteryears and today it is equipped with modern amenities that vie with 7 star hotels. The unique combination of ancient and modern, blended with a pinch of sazziness, will make your royal wedding a memorable one. The wedding will not just be about the rasams and the ceremonies; it will be about the Rajasthan theme with traditional food, dances and music by the local folklore and a lot more!

Ravmek the best wedding planner in jaipur will leave no stone unturned in providing you the wedding which your heart desires. We will have our dedicated staff at your service and we will be available for you24x7. The ambience will be out of the world and there will be a perfect combination of old and new cultures.

There is an age old saying- Marriages are meant to last forever. Here goes the new one- Marriages and its memories are meant to last forever. We at Ravmek will make sure that you have a wedding whose memories will be forever etched in not only your mind, but also all those who were a part of the occasion.


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