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We are not being presumptuous here, but we would like to give you enough credit about the fact that you are already well versed with the term ‘Destination Wedding’ and we are the best destination wedding planner in Jaipur. So, straight away telling you about what does a ‘Destination Wedding’ mean, is simply too mainstream. So we would like to take you on a different route before we offer you our services.

Here is some interesting points for you before you actually proceed forward-

  1. Destination weddings do not have to be at faraway exotic locations! Technically, any wedding taking place 100 miles from the bride’s current residence is a destination wedding like if the bride is living in Udaipur  than destination weddings in Jaipur can happen.
  2. Destination weddings are NOT more expensive then hometown weddings as RAVMEK the destination wedding planner in Jaipur will help you to arrange your destination wedding in india budget.
  3. It’s one of the most common myths that the wedding invitees and guests may be against the idea of a destination wedding and refuse to come. Not really, all the guests would love to take a break from their busy lives and running helter skelter behind timelines and projects and we destination wedding planner in Rajasthan will help you to enjoy at your most.
  4. You are not obliged to bear the travel cost of all your guests. However, if you still choose to, please invite us as well!

Feeling relieved? Finally, all your doubts vanished and now you definitely have a different opinion about Destination Weddings.

This was just our smart way to fulfil two purposes.First, it was about freeing your mind from all doubts and myths. Second, it was about giving you a short example about how different we are in our approach of work as we are the best destination wedding planner in Jaipur.

Now, switching over to a different subject, let’s get down to planning YOUR Destination Wedding!

Destination Weddings are set up and planned in a setting which is like a vacation and destination wedding in Rajasthan can be a awesome idea.
Planning a destination wedding. The entire idea is about being in a wonderful place with your loved ones and have a series of fun filled celebrations to make the most special day very memorable not only for the bride and the groom, but also for their families and guests and RAVMEK the best destination wedding planner in Rajasthan will make this happen.The cherry on top of the ‘Special Day’ is filled with loads and loads of fun!

There are certain things which need to be kept in mind when you plan a Destination Wedding-


Udaipur Destination Wedding Setup

Wedding Budget

The most important thing while planning a wedding is ‘Money’. There cannot be two opinions regarding this fact. In any event, a lump some budget needs to be prepared and set aside so as to have a successful event.

Your wedding budget will be wrong

Estimations and budget? Check.Stop. It is wrong! Yes, you are most likely to have a wedding budget which will be under the estimated value and we can help you with destination wedding in india budget. So it is always important to add few more zeroes to that wedding budget.

 Take professional help

Just like health is important to you and you seek medical advice for it, in the same manner, there is absolutely no harm in seeking a professional advice from a wedding planner to understand and set the right budget or adjust your budget (re-budget) for your most important day.

 Define the wedding you want:

You need to have a clear picture and focus about what you want when you say Destination Wedding. The decision regarding this is a very difficult one because you have hundreds of options. But sadly, you can’t have ‘em all. A clear picture of the kind of wedding, whether grand or chic, can help a lot to narrow down your preferences and plan your wedding exactly the way you want it to be.

Know your guests

Make a mental map of who all are invited to your wedding and where they will travel from. It is important to check the connections and understating how your guest will reach the wedding destination.

The Destination Wedding In Rajasthan & the Hotel

The Big Fat Indian Wedding is called so because of a reason. The reason is that the wedding is not just about the wedding vows, it is about innumerable ceremonies of Mehendi, Sangeet, Pool Party, Reception etc etc. For that purpose, the guest list is also long. So for this purpose, it is important to have a hotel that meets the expectations and the requirements of all the guests who are invited. The point here is, the hotel is as important as your destination. So choose wisely!

Hire a wedding planner

A wedding is an opportune moment to be with your loved ones. Don’t spoil it by being involved with all the chores and not taking out time to be with your loved ones. Hire a wedding planner and let a professional take care of  various wedding planning chores as RAVMEK is the best destination wedding planner in Jaipur.

Wedding Planning Check List

A wedding planning checklist? Yes, you need one as well, apart from your planner.
We will present here an exclusive and detailed wedding planning list for you just fill up the enquiry form and let us help you . Till then you check out our recommendations for the destinations best for having a wedding.